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Toxic Haul

Here are two coupes that we pulled out of a toxic paper mill in CT. The place was really scary. There were big 50 gallon drums of slimy green stuff everywhere, the floor was shiny and slick, and at one point I had asbestos raining down my back. We had to move an Austin Healy, a Saab, and an old Benz out of the way to bring these babies into the light, but it was a fun day. Not to mention the floor in front of the cars was crashing into the floor below and the roof had fallen on top of the 356s.

It all started when I got a call from a Registry brother who was fishing in the river next to the mill. His curiosity got the better of him and he had to see what was in the mill. What he found was a treasure in car junk. My take on all the cars is this. The local junk car guy saved anything that was interesting, and scrapped the rest. There were 4 Trumph TR3a’s, an Austin Healy, a Fiat, BMW, Mercedes, SAAB, even a Goliath. All of the cars were in horrible shape, but they were there. Stuffed in the back of all this was two Porsche 356 Coupes, a 54 and a 60, both in rough shape.
I had to do some real detective work to figure out who owned the mill. I found the owner who didn’t want to have anything to do with anyone going in there. He said a guy rented the place and left all the cars, sometime in the late 70s. His son was a little more into the idea of saving the cars, and of taking some of my money. So after about a year of back and forth, we went in there and pulled the Porsches out.
Like I said, it was a fun day, but a very dirty one. The other bright spot was the old guy who had the shop next door had a stash of 356 parts, even some Carrera stuff. He had a Carrera engine case, but it was stolen along with all his other aluminum a month before. So close!


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