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Grammy in the Speedster

grammy2It is sometimes the little memories that stay with you. My grandmother had been in the Assisted Living home a for about a year. I tried to get out there pretty regularly to make sure she was ok. One day I was out driving the Speedster and decided to drop in on her. She was in a great mood so I had an idea. I was going to take her for a ride in the Speedster. I wheeled her wheelchair up the past the front desk and said we were going to go around the grounds, soak in the sun. As soon as I was outside I made a beeline for the Speedster, dropped Grammy in the passengers seat, threw the wheelchair in the back and we were off. This picture was snapped when we stopped at my mom’s house. My mother was terrified but calmed down when she realized how much fun her mother was having.
Within about a year Grammy had passed on, but I know that day probably made her life that much brighter, I know if made mine.


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  1. Tom Farnam says:

    Adam, the “Grammy in the Speedster” is one you need to print on archival paper and put away for your children to read in 20 or 30 years. Who knows, maybe they’ll be willing to take Granddad for a ride in their maglev car or whatever.


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