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1964 SC, free from its tomb!

scThis one is a great story. I heard about this SC that was supposed to be very original, and the owner was moving down south and wanted to sell it. I call him he says yes it is for sale but he can’t show it right now, I say ok, keep me in the loop. I contact him every few weeks and he tells me after putting me off a number of times that his wife is in intensive care. Once I hear that I back off completely, even I who never lets a car go will not hound a man with that much on his plate. About a month goes by and he emails me and says,
“Be here at noon tomorrow with cash and you can have the car!”

The wierd thing is I still don’t have the guy’s name, just his email, and now his address.
So I have now been working on this car for about 4 months and the day has arrived. He opens his garage and the car is not visable, there is stuff piled in ever corner of the small space under his house. But just peeking out of the top of the trash heap is the roof of I later find out is a matching #s 64 SC. I ask him if it is ok if I clean off some of the trash before I buy the car, he says sure. So me and John carefully unearth a very solid and original SC. I ask him the history on the car and he says he drove it in the garage in 1973, put it up on jackstands and that is it. Other than the fact that at some point he cut the front floorpans out because they had “rust pinholes” and he dropped then engine out and had it re-built about 5 years ago. The only other thing that he did was pile stuff on top of it.
Well, he did do one other thing! He mentions off handedly that he worked at a Porsche dealership in the late 60s and early 70s and every Friday he would take a portion of his check and buy parts off the shelf, which is what the interior of the car was stuff with, lots and lots of NOS Porsche 356 parts!!!!!!!!!! So yes I said I would buy the car. While we are doing the cash and the paperwork he comes downstairs with the “piece d’resistance” he bought all the factory manuals to restore the car, but never even opened them. Also, he had a cardboard tube with him that had about 50 factory posters that he got while working at Porsche, some of them are very very cool.
All in all it was a find that only got better and better. The car is now en route to the Netherlands and the parts I worked into the Unobtanium inventory and are slowly being sold off.
You just never know what you are going to find when you arrive to see a 356 for sale.


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