Porsche News Bits Brought To You By Unobtanium Inc

LSD-inspired Porsche Jacket

porsche-sequinsThis sequined piece of art popped up on eBay today, it’s truly one of a kind. How many colorful sequins do you think it took to make a Porsche crest in the shape of vomit? I’m sure it started out straight enough, but how the best laid plans can go … well, you know where. The result is this exciting black jacket emblazoned with not one, but two very trippy Porsche crests. If you want to show your true dedication to the marque, prove it by wearing the worst Porsche jacket ever. Nobody will doubt your devotion. Unfortunately you’ll have to spend the day telling everyone that your wife did not make the jacket for you. — Matt

If you can’t live without it, you can bid on the jacket HERE.


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