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Fake Fuchs Not a Good Plan

Fake Fuchs wheel shows its true colors.
It may be tempting sometimes to dodge the high prices of genuine Fuchs road wheels in favor of a set of decent looking imitations. They can often be had for about 1/3 of the price of the real deal. Why not? I mean, surely these wheel companies have to adhere to safety standards and the like, right? Wrong. I’m sure there are some very reliable and safe versions of fake Fuchs out there, but after seeing this wheel I don’t think I’d be running any of them. For the record, this wheel was not run into a curb or off the road, it was discovered at the end of a race, thankfully before it failed completely. I pulled this photo off one of the forums a couple of years ago, so if it’s your photo and you want it gone, just let me know. — Matt


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