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Fake 356 cab

This is one you don’t see everyday. Sure, you see a lot of fake Speedsters, sometimes even a fake D, but now a fake cab. Here is what kills me about kit makers. They go to great lengths to do a lot of things right, in this case the car looks very much like a 356 cab, but then they seem to miss the very essence of the car itself. They put a fuel injected Subaru engine in it, which is getting a lot more common for the kit guys. But then they just completely miss the mark on the gearbox, they put in an automatic…
WHAT????? Who wants to go out on a Sunday afternoon in a 356 cab, in this case fake, and drive an automatic??????
Not to mention the MSRP is $38,000, which is enough to buy you a nice real 356. I think the guys with the electric Speedsters have a much better shot at market penetration.



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