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Gmund 057 Door Panel

One thing, among many things, that my man Jim at EASY has taught me is to not lose your mind when selling parts. He told me a to find something to keep it interesting. At his place there are two glass cases that are full of NOS parts and super rare parts, just really interesting stuff. Sure, he could sell stuff in there, but life at EASY would be a little darker. So a few years ago I was talking to a collector who wanted to clean out some stuff. Among the super interesting items he wanted to part with was a Spyder passenger seat and a Gmund door panel, both leftovers from long ago restorations. I said Yes and Yes. The Spyder seat I gave (for free) to one of my best customers of that year. The door panel I framed and hung on the wall of my office, along with a bunch of other things I do to keep it interesting. I have found that if you don’t find something to keep it lively, all the Porsche stuff in the world just becomes cattle, and I did not get into this to be a rancher.



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