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Field of A, coupe that is, and a lot more cars and parts!

I heard about a guy who was looking to sell a sunroof clip from a late A coupe. His price was ok, and he was only a few hours away, so I made the trip east. The guy was the last guy you would expect to have any 356 stuff. His place was all American muscle and Harley stuff, but in the 70s he was all about the “frogs”, his word, a new one for me. So I got the clip and kept talking to him about the rest of his stuff.
In these situations me and Matt prefer to buy whole collections in one swoop. Doing this makes things easier and you get the most stuff at once. Well this guy had done what we were doing now long before we even got out of diapers so he had a plan to sell all his stuff, on his own schedule. Over about the next year he would find something he wanted to buy, a muscle car, a Speedboat, one time even a monster truck. So when he found something he wanted he would call the Wright brothers and sell a Porsche to raise funds. So every couple of months we would make the four hour drive and buy usually one or two 356’s and some parts. It is a laborious way to do things and we spent a lot of money on gas, but he always struck fair bargains, so we kept coming back. We ended up getting the following:
58 Speedster
59 Coupe
59 Coupe
59 Coupe The guy loved the last A’s
64 SC Coupe
Plus a whole tractor trailer load of nothing but 356 parts.
Sadly the man died last year, he was a clever guy and fun to do business with. We deal with a lot of people for cars but the ones you remember are the ones who make it fun and sometimes even make it challenging. This guy did both.


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