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Spotters, lookouts, and good Porsche leads

I get leads from all over. Sometimes it is a guy who knows a guy who has one of them funny little cars. Or someone has one of my cards and finds a car behind a shop. I pay finder’s fees all over and I am never surprised when someone calls and say they might have something.
Recently, I was in Bank of America making a deposit and the bank manager comes out and says she saw a whole truckload of Porsches, I perked up. She then asks if I know Tim the trucker, and I laughed, she laughed too. Tim is my guy who takes cars to the port for me. He had left the day before with three cars going to Austria. The bank manager lives next door to Tim, small world. So we were laughing because what she had found was a truckload of my cars, that had left my place the day before.
This was a funny one, but all dead leads are good, in their own way. A dead lead means your system of passing out cards and talking to people is working. If your bank manager is picking out vintage Porsches for you, someone is bound to come up with a good one.niceload3


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