Porsche News Bits Brought To You By Unobtanium Inc

Unobtanium Race Car

Once again Jim at Easy is one step ahead of me on how to have fun on the weekends. He recently told me he and John were racing in the 24 Hours of Lemons. I must of mis-heard him, did he say 24 Hours of Le Mans? He didn’t, he said Lemons. It is a race circuit that is quickly making racing affordable and fun for anyone, not just the rich guys. The rules are simple, you can’t spend more than $500 on your car, which is ironic since you end up spending about $3000 on safety equipment.

Well, we at Unobtanium, had to get in on the Lemons race. But it proved harder than we thought to find a running Porsche for under $500. We searched and searched and the best we could come up with was a 924, which is not really what we had in mind. Then Matt found the car that only guys as crazy/stupid as us would want. It was once a 914 that an old man made what he called a “Circuit Car” out of, doing an all steel conversion. To make a long story short the man died before ever getting to race the car. A guy bought it at the estate sale, probably thinking it was that long lost Porsche race car that James Dean once slept in, only to find out he bought a monster that no one wanted. No one but Unobtanium.
For the princely sum of $400 we got this creation, that has a fully re-built motor. We plan on having it ready for the July race in CT.
Please look at all the pictures slowly, it takes a minute to take it all in. Also, be on the lookout for updates on the progress of getting it race ready.



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