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Death Race 911 … For Sale!

For the collector who has it all, it’s Mad Max for the new Millennium. This is the 911 featured in the not-such-a-hit movie Death Race of last year, and man is it mean looking. They’ve hung pretty much everything in the arsenal on this poor wide body, including a rear wing made of 1/2-inch sheet steel. We all know how important rear downforce is in a 911, so they weren’t going to risk it being knocked or shot off. The good news is this car can be yours for the modest sum of $28,000. I guess if you want to stand out at the next meet, this is your ticket. Or if you want to be sure you don’t have to wait in line at the gate you can just fire off one of those roof rockets to let them know you’re serious.

You can see the original ad along with a ton of pics here.death-race-911


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