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Largest Private Porsche Collection, Sort of….

Not many people know it but at Unobtanium we have one of the largest collections of Porsches. From race cars to the earlist ones, to even a few Spyders. The only catch is, each one can fit in the palm of your hand.

In my never ending quest to keep Porsches interesting I started picking up little cars here and there. I get them at the big box stores (Wal-Mart and Target), etc., at yard sales, antique stores, even at swap meets. My rule is I never pay for than a few dollars per car, which keeps EBAY off the table. Actually, there was one time I paid $18 for a car, but that was only because I bumped into some dishes in an antique store and broke them, so I felt obligated to buy something. But for the most part I pick them up here and there and over time have accumulated a large collection. Some of my favorites are the Hess truck with the 911 in the back or one of my own creations, the NYPD tow truck with the 993 on the back, getting towed!

As a result of collecting the little cars, it keeps everything interesting and I am able to do it on the cheap.



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