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Cars that follow you and men that cry

One thing I am beginning to realize is that the longer you are in this business, the more cars you end up seeing again and again.
Case in point, a friend down South said he had an A cab for sale, the price was real nice (in the low single digit thousands), so I got excited. He sent me pics and I saw a strange sight, it was a cab, but somehow shortened, like it made it through the Space-Time Continuum and didn’t really make it back ok. I passed on the car.

It went on EBAY. Some other guy in FL bought it, took it home, washed it and put it back on EBAY. It went on a few times and it sold to parts unknown. The rub lies in the fact that the parts became known to me about a year later. I get a call from a guy who says he is a house flipper and is way upside down money wise and needs to unload a few Porsches. He says he has a 60 Coupe, 63 Coupe, and his pride and joy a 59 Cab, do you see where this is leading? He can’t figure out how to send pics but he says the prices are low and he will sell the Cab for around $10,000. I hooked up the trailer and drove down into the PA mountains. The guy meets me at a McDonalds, pulls up along side me, and is crying his eyes out. I follow him to his barn and he is at this point in full sob mode about selling his Porsche “Collection”. The “Collection” turns out to be a bare chassis, no suspension 60 Coupe, a rusty 63 Coupe, and the same damn Cab I had been seeing for YEARS now!!!!
I say, “I know this car.” He does not believe me. I then tell him who had it in the 80s, who he sold it to in the 90s, how that guy sold it to the guy that he got it from, then I told him about how the car was in a fire (or on fire) and got pushed out of a shop, hence the rear damage. Throughout all this the guy is wailing and crying, it is very strange. He then gets very confused why I don’t want to buy the Cab for $10,000, the rusty 63 Coupe for $15,000 and the bare chassis 60 Coupe for $5000.
We got back in the truck and my friend John says, “one of us should have hugged him or something” We really did not know what to do.

So now when someone calls and says they have an A cab for cheap, I ask enough questions to make sure I don’t go see this car ever again, even though I probably will run across it again.

Car is back on EBAY as of 4/25/09, EBAY # 230339296399.



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