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Pre-A cab, left for dead….

This one was not found by me, but by some guy who was mountain biking through the woods and found one of those “funny little cars”. He went to find it again and brought a friend with a GPS locater, so they would not have all the trouble finding it the 3rd time.
The duo became a trio when the mountain biker’s dad got involved and he was able to track down who owned the land, now that they had a GPS location on it. They talked to a young women who said,
“What car? That junk down by the swimming hole”? She said her grandfather wrecked it a zillion years ago and left it back in the woods. She took a case of beer and $100 to let the trio take it off their land. From there it went to EBAY, where it sold for $7000. It then went back on EBAY from the next seller, who added some parts and wanted $35,000, which I don’t think he got.

The irony is that this buyer was also the buyer of the burned 59 cab ( he sold it to the crying man) that I talked about in the last post.
I feel bad for the guy, he has an affinity for hopeless projects. But with the last one he went on a spending spree for parts, many bought on EBAY for top top dollar, all thrown down a rusty hole.

What is the moral of the story? You tell me, post it in the comments section.



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  1. Rick Albro says:

    Adam, I have the two pictures posted with the Ebay ad. I’ll admit the stash of parts caught my attention, but… Below is the ad as it appeared on Ebay. One interesting note is that this early car apparently was found in Michigan. There is a cluster of very early cars in the “mid west.” My coupe 50199 is also of “mid western” origins, having a mid sixties title from Minnesota. I think the actual dealership was owned by Ed Trego? There was an article a few years ago in the Registry about the whereabouts of all the American roadsters. Ed trego’s mechanic destroyed one American Roadster before the car was ever sold. An article in the registry about 20 years ago mentioned the cluster of early cars in the mid west. -Rick

    This is a 1953 porsche 356 Cabriolet project. I was told that this car is not the bent window type. I bought this car a year ago it was located in Michigan in the woods were it sat for more than 40 years. This car didnt come with a engine, it does however have the original transmission still on the car. This car evidentally was hit on the passenger side front fender, and it was then parked in the woods after the wreck. This car does come with a clear florida title. The original vin plate tag is still on the drivers side front door pillar. The number is 60103. I bought this car with the intentions of someday restoring it, its rough but I have been collecting original parts for this rare car for well over a year. The body of this jaguar is rough there is no floors present and no sills. The car is held togeather becasue its on a trailer. I’m not going to describe the condition of the body to much because you can look at the pics and see the condition. Here is a list of all of the original parts that come with this Porsche. The top frame has some surface rust present, but it can be media blasted and brought back to great condition.(1) original radio and amplifier.(2) 2 orignal Chrome headlight rings. (3) Pre a wiring harness made in germany to original specifications.(4) 2 orignal square type door handles that have been professionally redone to show quality with new locks and keys. The car also comes with two average square door handles there still on the doors.(5) Original aluminum hood handle thats in near perfect condition.(6) 2 correct and original 32pbic carbs that are in working order.(7) a very rare original windshield washer jar assembly as well as the mounting holder.(8) 1 orignal gas cap. (9) 4 rims and tires that came off a 1955 porsche 356 The rims are in great shape, and the tires should be replaced. (10) 2 Pre A seats that came off a 1954 356 the seats are in great condition. (11) full set of orignal gauges that were professionally rebuilt in germany. These gauges are all dated10/52 (12) an original vdm pre A steering wheel thats in perfect shape.(13) an original hella back up light assembly thats in show condition.(14) a pre A jack thats in good working order. Here is a list of the original sheet metal pieces that come in this auction. (1) Front clip made by Trevors Hammer works to original standards.(2) 2 nos rear fenders from porsche.(3) 2 front fenders made to original standards made by Trevors Hammer works.(4) 2 door sill assemblies made to original standards, these were purchased from stoddard.(5)complete battery box assembly including the floors and the sides. Made to original standards, these were also purchased from stoddard.(6) entire floor made to original standards purchased from stoddard.(7) front inner fenders structers made to original standards purchased from Trevors Hammer works.(8) transmission plate cover and back of seat area metal made to original standards purchased from Trevors Hammer works.(9) 1 complete chassis and extra front fenders purchased to help restore this 356. The vinplate numbers on the extra chassis are 52341 This car comes with alot of very hard to find parts. I’m going to start this auction out at a first bid of 5,000 with a reasonable reserve. A 2,000 deposit is due no later than 48hrs after the auctions close. I will accept paypal for the deposit only and the remaining balence must be paid by the 5th day of the auctions close. This could be paid by bank wire or i will accept cashiers checks. I can help assist the winning bidder in loading this car on a trailer for a 100.00 fee. Please email me or call me at 813-493-2454 if you have any questions. And please dont miss your chance to get some really rare parts and an extremly rare early pre A porsche. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!

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