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Almost NOS Speedster seats found!

I love this story. A man contacted me and said he had come 356 cabriolet seats that were taken out of the car when the car was only 6 months old. It sounded mildly interesting so I said send me pics. What we sent me pics of was a pair of very very nice Speedster seats. I asked him what the story was. He said his grandfather had a 57 Speedster and his wife had a um large deriere, or a big kaboose, however you want to nicely say her big buns would not fit into the small Speedster seats. So the guy took the car back to the dealer and had them install regular size seats.

The Speedster seats were put in plastic bags and placed in the loft of the garage. The grandson found them and contacted me.
I bought them and put them on EBAY where they sold for a whopping $4200. They were perfect, with a patina that was age, not use. The metal was like new. I probably should have kept them like in times like these I have to go with the mantra that Jim at EASY taught me about selling parts. His mantra (and my adopted one) is, “I am not running a fucking museum, I am selling Porsche parts!!!!”
So the seats were sold.



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