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Rare does not always mean $$$.

We were sitting around working at the shop one day and my brother’s brother-in-law (that’s a mouthfull) calls and says he is at a Navy auction in Norfolk, VA. He says there is an old BMW 2002, are we interested. This auction is for cars that people left on the base, so they auction them off to recoup storage costs.
An old 2002 is worth about nothing so we say we will pass. He says that’s cool but it is a cool convertible. WHAT? They never made a 2002 convertible, did they? It turns out they did make a coach-built bauer 2002, and they made less than 900 of them. So we bid on it, and get it for $300. It has got to be worth more than that, we hope.
So we head down to VA and clean the car up and asses it. The engine is locked up and there is some rust, but everything is there.
We put the car on EBAY and it brings a wopping $1700, after we cut in the brother-in-law we ended up netting about $400 a piece.
So, we learned a few things from this.
1. Rare does not always translate to $$$$.
2. Stick to Porsches.



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