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Psychedelic engine tin, brah….

Every barn find has a funny, weird, what the hell is that piece/situation that you find in it. Like the barn in NH where I get back and unpack only to realize that the guy’s dad had packed up his whole room and put in the the loft of the barn, 30 years earlier! So I ended up with what I thought were boxes of Porsche parts but was actually a box of old guitar pedals, his heavy metal 7 inch record collection, and I think a box of cat eye marbles. Or there was the barn in Mass where I was up there for a whole day in the July heat, throwing boxes and making a lot of noise, only to realize as I am sending the last box down into the floor below I hear a buzzing sound. I look up and there is a wasp’s nest that is about as big as three footballs, easily a 100 of the buggers, and for some reason I didn’t bother them, because if I did my only exit would have been the hole in the floor and the rickety ladder.

But the latest weirdness was found in a barn in Ohio. The guy was probably in his 50s and wore a beret, I guess it was his thing. But then his 80 year old dad comes out, also in a black beret. It is quite a sight. So we bought a 52 Coupe from him and the entire contents of his barn, after we got to hear all about how $1 in OH is worth $3 in NY — I guess he thought we were from New York City, not the middle of nowhere NY, but whatever. We did the deal, got a lot of good stuff, some Roadster stuff, Pre-A stuff, even some cool A bolt on outside windows, not to mention the 52 Coupe. But the coolest thing was found later. It was the psychedelic engine tin. Someone was real into their engine and their drugs, because they were able to mix the two loves of their life.
Every barn has a story, anyone remember getting high and painting their engine tin?


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