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Back in the day Porsche photos

This was my first Porsche, a 1975 911S Targa. I bought it my 2nd year in college, around 1994. Actually, Matt bought it but I got the loan, then he decided he didn’t want it, so I kept it. My parents were so pissed. When I told them I needed to put the Porsche on the family insurance they screamed and screamed. I ended up having to get my own insurance, which was a fun call to make. Calling insurance companies saying I am 19 and have a Porsche and need insurance, I actually got laughed at.

It was a cool car but like all Porsches it needed regular maintenance, which my broke ass could do for about 6 months, then I sold the car. But the Porsche bug had caught me.
I planned on buying another one when I got out of school and was making a little money, but another marque intervened, a 1956 Mercedes-Benz 190SL. An old friend of the family came to Thanksgiving dinner, I asked her is she still had that old Benz. She said yes, it was in her back yard, under a tarp.
We went and got the car, paid her $7000, took it back to the house, and in a few hours work had it running. From there I drove it for a few years, sold it when I found a Speedster kit, sold that and pick up a 63 Coupe 212104, my first 356, which I worked on in an alley in Brooklyn. The rest is history….


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