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A Typical Porsche Day

I woke up this morning, got dressed, went by the bank, filled my pockets with cash, and went to see a man about an A Coupe. Big John showed up and we hooked up the trailer and went. En route I got a call about a 912 motor that was actually on the way home, so the day was only getting better and busier.
The Coupe was everything I had hoped it would be, and I was able to pick up a bunch of other parts, 16’s are heavy with tires on them, but a good heavy!

So we leave with a 58 Coupe, and a truckload of wheels and other bobbles. Next stop is the 912 engine. We arrive in the middle of nowhere, a muddy dirt road that I am sure I will not be able to turn the trailer around on. A very nice Swedish woman takes us into her basement where there is a 912 longblock with all the other pieces laying around. I asked when it last ran, she said a few years ago. Her husband than ambles down and says the engine was in his 912 that he crashed in 1968!!!!!!!!!!!! He tells me how he put a big bore kit in it and how all the re-build stuff makes it worth a lot of money, because it cost him a lot of money, in 1968!!!!!!!!! I offer him a reasonable amount for a 912 engine that has been sitting in his basement since before I was born, hell, before my parents even knew each other. He turns down my offer and the wife starts yelling, “TAKE THE MONEY” and he starts yelling, “GO UPSTAIRS WOMAN!!!” I turn to John and say, “Thank you for showing me the engine” and we start to leave, when the old couple starts arguing about what door we should leave out of, I am starting to get a window into their life. The wife at this point is at full scream about how he should take my offer, it is a good offer.
We get in the truck and start to try to turn a big truck and trailer around in a very skinny muddy street, in the rain. The daughter comes running out and says they will take my offer, and how her dad never sells anything, and her parents always fight like this and we should not be alarmed. The wife meets us around the back of the house and says, “Give me the money, I have to add $100 to it so he thinks you paid more.”
We then begin to talk about Sweden, she used to vacation in the town where my people are from, Bastad, Sweden.
So we now have an A Coupe, a boatload of wheels, lots of little parts, and a 912 engine.
The other cool Porsche moment was while I was pumping gas the little screen telling me how much my premium gas had a computer generated 911 complete with FUCHS.
It was a typical Porsche day.


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