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Porsche “China Bootleg” Cell Phone

I love dollar stores and all things China. The Chinese manufacturing machine has managed to water everything down to it’s most useless. They make cardboard that is crap, tools that break in your hands on the first use (sometimes taking some skin when it breaks), and then there was that sheetrock that gave people nosebleeds. But some cool stuff comes out of the land of a billion people. One thing you have to say to China is that they will knock anything off, and put a logo on it that would make the real company blush, scream, and cry.

Case in point is the new Porsche cell phone that is available only in Hong Kong. Yes, it has a Porsche logo, but is strange to say the least. This “Porsche Cayenne” cell phone is actually a fully functioning cell phone, with dual-band GSM, microSD, and audio playback. The cost is cheap, under $200. A must have for any Porsche owner.



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