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Drive fast, very fast

I got into a discussion with a guy the other day about things he can do to add horsepower to a 912 motor. He had a lot of ideas on how he could squeeze a few extra horses out. I agreed you could get more power out of the engines if you really pushed it, but there was a limit to what you could do. He asked what I had in my 356, I said a stock C motor, no frills, which surprised him. I guess he thought I would have a crazy 125 hp motor.
I remembered something that my man Al Zim had said one time, it went something like, “If you want a fast Porsche, buy a 911, not a 356.” I amended his statement and pointed out to the 912 engine guy that when I wanted to go fast, and drive really hard, I took out my Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG. Driving this car is really like no other car I have driven, the power is amazing, the handling very tight, and the braking is more than enough to stop the car.

All winter long my car slept under a blanket of snow. It is too big a of a car to fit into the door of the shop, which was designed around small Porsches, not a Benz sedan. But today I took the car on the back roads between my house and my brother’s house, on curvy country roads, it was great!



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