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Almost burned up B Coupe 212104

I woke up one morning a few years ago to my phone ringing. It was my brother telling me that there was a big fire going on right next to our offices in Brooklyn. My apartment was only a few blocks away so I look out the window, all I see if smoke, lots of smoke. I get dressed and run over to the office, the fire dept. guys let me by when I tell them my place is right in the middle of it all.

If you look in the pictures, the first one is out my apartment window. The 2nd and 3rd show how close the Porsche was to the fire, out building is the one in the front of the shot.
Here is what is really scary, not that my computers and other office stuff will burn up, but that my 356 is in there! The building that was on fire took up one whole city block. There was a lot between out building and the fire but it was being used as a lumber storage lot, which was not really making me feel better. I am standing out there with my shady landlord, he owns both buildings, mine and the one that is on fire. He says he got the call about 5AM that morning that his building was on fire. I blurt out, “What, you got the call that the deed is done?” Somehow, this guy had about 1 bad fire a year, and collected the insurance. This building was really sketchy because he wanted to build condos on the water front but a group was trying to get Historical standing attached to the building, which means no condos. So somehow in the middle of that it burned to the ground.
I back my truck up to the garage door of our building and get a tow rope ready. If the fire jumps all of NY was going to see one crazy guy dragging a vintage Porsche down the street through a lake of fire!!!!!!! But luckily, while our building did get very hot and smoky, the fire never jumped. Since we were right no the East river the wind stayed towards the river, not inland. All was safe on the Porsche front!



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