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A terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad Porsche day.

I got a call a few days ago that seemed like a dream call. A guy said he had about 5-6 parts cars, and two 48 foot trailers full of early Porsche parts. But the kicker was the city was cracking down on him and he needed to get all this stuff gone. So he said come down and make me an offer for all of it. This is the stuff dreams are made of, at least when you are in the business of Porsche parts and cars.
We head down there today, I woke up at 5AM to beat traffic, and get to the guy’s place around noon. Sure enough, 5-6 parts cars and two 48 foot trailers. Well, first off, there are parts cars (i.e. cars you can actually pull parts off of) and their are parts cars (cars that have given up all their parts), these were the latter. You would be lucky to find one foot of good sheet metal on any of the cars, and everything else was long picked off. But we still had the trailers full of parts, which turned out to be mostly Mercedes parts, with some Porsche mixed in. While I like Porsche parts, I already have shelves full of cracked tail lights, rusty flywheels, bent up/rusty bumpers, and I didn’t really need a truckload of 944 and 928 broken parts. So it was a bust, and to add insult to injury we got stuck in traffic, in the rain on the way home. It was a long long day with nothing to show for it but dark circles under our eyes, the day could not have gotten worse, right?
Rewind to the last 356 Registry East Coast Holiday. I am driving the Roadster back from Lancaster, PA and make it to about the PA/NY border and start to lose power, I am able to limp the car home, but it is running rough. I had been meaning to pull the finicky Webers off of there and replace them with stock Zeniths, the grandma/old reliable of 356 carbs. So a friend of mine re-built a set of carbs and was throwing them in today. He calls and says the carbs are working great but the #1 and #3 cylinder are not. So my poopy Porsche day has in fact gotten worse. Top end tear down of the Roadster motor in my future, when I was hoping to be working on nothing but the Unobtanium race car in the coming weeks.
All I hope now is this is the best Hershey ever this weekend, the weather should be a record in terms of warmth. Maybe Hershey can restore all that is wrong in my Porsche world this week.
And to answer the question I know is coming, no I did not take any pictures of today’s travels, it was too depressing to even get the camera out of my pocket.


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