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Once more unto the breach, dear friends!

There comes a moment in every cars life, when it reaches the hallowed halls of Unobtanium HQ, when we must decide if this car must die so others may live, thereby making the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good of the marque.
Sounds very symbolic and powerful, even a little profound. Well, what we really did was really look at the 69 911 we had sitting in the corner and decide it was time to strip!!!! Strip the car that is, we all kept our clothes on.

This car gave up some great parts that will live on like:
1. Set of FUCHS wheels
2. 911 6 cylinder motor
3. 901 gearbox
4. Full red interior
5. Nice hood
6. Decent fender
7. Oil cooler
8. IROC wing
Plus lots of little stuff.
We are leaving the factory RS flares for another day, it will be a lot of cutting to get them off nicely. What is kind of a shame is it once was a very cool car. Originally Ossi Blue with red interior, with Factory RS flares, this would have been a cool car to bring back. This is probably why we waited so long to start the strip. But after really looking at the rust on the body we decided that this one was better passing on its good parts.
So we can all have a moment of silence for this poor Ossi Blue 1969 911.



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