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Hot Pre-A Speedster

This car is HOT!!!! Or it was too hot. You can own it for a mere $85,000. Also, a Registry brother was there a few years back and there was an Abarth and a 904!

Here is the description:

This speedster was involved in a fire. There are two holes in the rear part of the floor. There appears to be no rust in the rockers or front pan area. The engine number is 610320 and the transmission number is 7026. The hood and both doors are stamped 75 and 075. We have included two gauges and a steering wheel along with the car. We are selling this vehicle with a Certificate of Salvage Title and it is sold AS-IS. It is currently not registered. The buyer will have to register the vehicle in their state of residence, which may or may not involve some extra steps compared to registering a clean title vehicle . California buyers must pay 8.25% sales tax and will receive an Acquisition Bill Of Sale. This car will need to be towed or picked up by a car hauler from our location. $85,000.00

The car is on click on cars for sale.



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One Response

  1. Carlos Ochoa says:

    Woow. Where was the first picture taken? Those Porsche’s over that racks are loosing their purpose of being a car.. XD
    Is it a restoration shop?

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