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RS60 Barn Find, almost…

You know when you hear about a great birthday party but by the time you get there the box that the cake came in is still there, even some icing and crumbs around, but no cake and no party. Such was the luck of the Unobtanium crew last week. I heard about a widow with 2 barns full of Porsche stuff. She is telling me how her husband had an RS60 back in the day and was into 4-cams before graduating to early 911’s. She says there is two buildings full of parts. This is music to my ears.

So 10 hours in the truck later we are in a horse pasture with two barns that do in fact have Porsche parts in them, but not the kind we were hoping for. There was plenty of dis-assembled 901 gearboxes, old pistons and cylinders, unknown condition 911 engines, you get the point. So we start digging because when life gives you lemons, we make lemonade. We ended up fulling the truck full of ok parts that we can turn a small profit on. It was not the motherload of 4-cam stuff we were hoping for but we at least made the trip worth it. The only piece of the RS60 she had left was the spare parts manual, but she was not quite ready to sell that. But we did get a nice photo of the RS60 racing at Mid-Ohio back in the day.
The hunt continues!!!



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