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A Golden Opportunity?

912-gFrom time to time a car appears on the market that just tugs at you. Most of the time it’s a pristine 911 RS or a Carrera Speedster. Let’s call those pieces of Porsche rarity the givens. But other times they’re cars that started life a little lower on the ladder. This Golden Green ’69 912 fits that bill. Whether they admit it or not, guys who bought 912s in 1969 were making a decision based on responsible finance. I know, I know, 50% weight distribution, etc etc. But let’s be real here, they wanted the 911. Add to that a color choice that, at the time, was fairly unpopular and you have an odd bird indeed. Fast forward 40 years and it’s no less an oddity, but the scales have shifted and all of a sudden the yuck-green, lower powered 912 becomes a thing of desire. Check out this one listed on The Samba and decide for yourself. — Matt


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