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Wright Brothers on TV, sort of…

So we are looking on craiglist Albany and we see a listing for an Albany Sheriff’s auction for a 1995 993 Convertible and a 54 Jaguar XK 120. We don’t normally deal in British stuff but if we can get a deal on it, why not. It is a small auction, no internet bidding, pay cash by the end of the day, perfect. We get there and there are only a few other guys there, great! But by auction time there was at least 100 guys there, all for two cars. It didn’t take heavy math to figure out someone would outbid the Wright brothers. As it turns out the high bidder on the Jag was my man Peter Kumar at Gullwing, the man who found me Speedster 80244, for which I am still greatful. The Jag sold for $55,000 and the 993 for $33,000, it only had 10,000 miles on it.

The cars belonged to a disgraced Wall Street guy who had the cars seized when he could not pay the Million plus judgement that was levied on him. It was big news in Albany, so the local TV folks came out. We were in the front row so the camera caught us, and when they interviewed Peter afterwards, we happened to be there too.
Fun stuff, for a Monday morning.

You can check out the whole new clip here:



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