Porsche News Bits Brought To You By Unobtanium Inc

Speedster at the scrap metal place!

I know, it sounds crazy. Big John does his shopping at the local scrap place. He comes back with cool stuff like compressors from a dentist’s office to hair dryers from the 50s, he even finds stuff he can sell like riding lawn mowers that you can swap a carb onto and get running.
We were putting an engine in an car today and John by chance mentions there was a Speedster at the scrap place yesterday. I drop my wrench and say,
It is not as exciting as it initially sounds. He goes on to explain that there was a beat up kid’s pedal car that looked like a Porsche and said Speedster down the side. I ask him why he didn’t get it. He said he put it aside because he knew I would want it, but forgot about it. We run up there but of course it is gone, probably on a boat going to China now.

I made sure to let John know for the rest of the day he officially sucked!


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