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Carrera find, 14 years in the making!

Here is a story I wrote years ago about a whole bunch of Carrera finds, check back on the blog for more additions.

The No-tail Tale VIN# 55618
Any of us who have been doing cars for more than a minute have what we call “the list”. On “the list” are a bunch of cars that we may never get to buy but we call about every couple of months. The owner is either attached to the car, not in need for money, has big dreams of restoring it, or sometimes is just plain crazy. Personally, I have seen most of these scenarios. But what I have not done, but Stephen Demosthenes has done, is wait more than a decade to buy a Carrera.
When asked how long it took to acquire the car his answer was,
“It took 14 years.”

I guess his list goes back a little farther than my list, or he just has the patience of Job.
When he first saw the car it was buried in a garage, literally. The owner had been sitting on the car since 1969. It was by no means a garage queen, even though it never left the said garage. Stephen describes it as,
“Engine out, rear clip cut off, needing full restoration.”
When he first found the car there was a 4-cam motor with it but that was sold off in 2004. So the deal was for the car only, minus the already chopped of rear end. But then these days, Carrera beggars can’t really be choosers, now can they?
The Carrera holds a special reverence for Stephen, maybe that is why he waited so long for this car. He sums up his feeling this way,
“They are the foundation that Porsche built their racing career and reputation on. They were the first proof that it took more than brute power to win a race. The little David & BIG Goliath of the auto racing history!”
The car has since been sold to a collector and is in the process of being restored. Another car saved from obscurity.



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  1. Karan says:

    you a vintage enthusiast???
    my fav ones are victor and the mustang

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