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Carrera 2, worth the wait

Here is another addition to the Carrera Tales, a Carrera 2 that was worth the wait!

The Original Tale VIN#126805
Anyone who has dealt in cars for more than a minute will be able to commiserate with this scenario. You go to look at a car, you like it but the price is outrageous, almost to the point of being offensive. Hopefully you don’t say anything nasty and just politely decline. Time goes by, you watch other cars come up and you start to realize that the price for the first car is not that bad after all, or you have waited long enough that the market has caught up with the owner’s optimism. Such is the case with the 1964 C 2000GS Coupe that we find ourselves talking about today.

“We knew about this car for the past 6 years but he wanted more than the
market would bear,” says Chris Casler of European Collectibles. “Finally after the market had come up we were able to purchase it and re-build the original engine.”
The car proved it self to be worth the wait. According to Chris,
“This is to say the least ‘the most original Carrera’ we have had over the
past ten years since I have been with European Collectibles.”
The car’s history is pretty sedate, no grueling racecar here driven to the end of its life and brought back. This one was a two owner car that was driven but left as a nice original car.
“The past owner that we purchased the car from had bought this Carrera 2 [when it was] only one year old,” explains Chris. “It was originally purchased new from Vasek Polack, the Porsche Dealer, in 1964. The second owner had put 130,000 mile on it over 39 years. The car has no race history.”
The car has since gone through a thorough mechanical restoration, down to a rebuild of the original 4-cam motor. It looks good enough now to show.
“We recently showed the car at the Dana point show in the preservation class,” says Chris.
Before you run out and try to buy this car, put away your checkbooks. Chris explains,
“We already have a deposit on this C2.”
It is nice to know that there are still one or two owner cars that just need a little tender loving care. Plus, it doesn’t hurt if you can rebuild a 4-cam.



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