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One that I will miss…

This is one of those cars that I miss already. I sold it a few years back out of my personal collection. I had everything to finish it, even a rust free 914-4 parts car. But sometimes in order to attain a better car, you have to sell something off the bottom, this is how the sale of this matching numbers 914-6 happened.

I looked up at the ECH a few years back and I had driven there in my Nissan pickup truck, even though I had 2 356s, a 63 Coupe and a 61 D’iterian Roadster and this 914-6. All of the cars were serious restoration projects, the 63 Coupe was about half done and the other two cars needed years of work. I decided I wanted to drive to the next holiday so I traded the 61 Roadster and a matching #s 73 911S for my 60 Roadster driver. But in order to make it happen money-wise something had to go, the 914-6. I didn’t have very much money in it, but I was able to sell it for a pretty good price. But it doesn’t mean I don’t miss it.



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