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Porsche Factory on National Geographic Channel

There was a very cool show on Nat Geo tonight, it was a tour of the Porsche Factory. There were great shots showing the 911 in production, all 117 stations of the production line.
The Top 5 coolest things I saw were:
1. The cranes that moved the bare bodies were made by Drauz.
2. The Factory is on two different sides of the street so the half finished cars must take an enclosed bridge that goes over the street.
3. The parts are moved around the factory on driver-less transports that move on a set route, based on magnets embedded in the floor. It is also a Porsche patent.
4. The leather for the upholstery is cut out of one huge piece of hyde, with a water jet!
5. The robot that puts in the windshields works in the dark, so the infrared sensors can see.

For those who missed it they are re-running it at these date and times:
Sunday 10/25 2AM and 11 AM EST
Thursday 10/29 4PM



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