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Swiss Junkyard Graveyard auctioned off

Many of us have seen these pics and wished we could stumble through the woods onto something like this. The story is that a parts dealer collected all of these cars but than retired some time in the 80s, and the cars have just gone back to nature. This place is similar to the mill in CT we found the two 356s in, all kinds of cool cars, but all in bad shape.
UPDATE: After reading this months issue of our very own 356 Registry magazine I see the cars sold for:
1957 A Coupe $15,800
1954 Pre-A Coupe $16,000
1956 A Coupe $13,000

That mill had everything from Porsche to Mercedes to even having a Goliath, when was the last time you saw one of those.
The Swiss yard has crazy cars, everything from Porsches to Ferraris to Maseratis to even some strange stuff like NSU.
They held a no reserve auction with a huge turnout. But something tells me some of those cars would not be coming out in one piece, or even two. But it would have been a fun way to spend a Saturday!



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