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Affordable piece of racing history

My man Ed has a cool piece of racing history, a Mercedes-Benz Factory built Formula 1 racecar carrier. He is asking $8600 but is open to offers.

Info that was provided by the seller:
Thank you for the inquiry on the MB Transporter. I have a letter from M. Benz factory that the truck was built in 1968. The story is that the truck was sold to Team Valour in England (it is left hand drive) for use in their racing operations which included the Formula 3 campaign of Eddie Cheever. I have a registration document from British Transport Dept to document this. I do not have any photos of Cheever with the truck. The rear doors now have Ross Cheevers name on them. It was imported to the U.S. in 1968 by a man who deals in used Formula Fords. he bought 6 or 8 Formula Fords in England and used it as a shipping container in 1968. I have letters from U.S. DOT approving importation and letters from the Shipping Insurance Company. It was driven to the Harrisburg Pa area from the Baltimore Port. The truck was used for a short period of time. It was then parked and a “restoration was planned”. The rear doors were removed in preparation for the installation of a tailgate lift which was not completed. The truck was partially dismantled and they were overtaken by inertia.
The cab has rust and will need a lot of cutting and welding to make repairs. The crew cabin, behind the drivers compartment, still have the closets, gas stove and the stainless sink in place. The rear side panels on the box came loose and flapped in the wind. They are flat sheet and can be replaced more economically than straightened. The chassis looks good. There are no signs of accident damage to the truck. We have had the engine running and it sounds decent.
The invoice that I have when the truck was sold to John Gerhart of Middletown Pa is from Valour Racing Ltd, Tower Industrial Estate, Wrotham Hill, Near Sevenoaks, Kent. Their phone # 0732 822144
When I was doing research I also found the Valour Racing in New Zealand. The Valour Racing in Kent seems to have closed. I did not find much info on the Web about them and the phone number did not go through. I suppose a conversation with Eddie Cheever would be helpful but he has not responded to Email and I am told he is not a “chatty” kind of guy.
I have a telex from Mercedes Benz Truck co dated Jan 21, 1986 stating that the truck was delivered ex factory Woerth, Oct 1968.
I have a clear Pa title.
Contact me with any questions.

Ed Anspach
Anspach Autos
717 576 1155 cell


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