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1971 911S found! They are really out there!!!

I love stories like this, even if I am not the one finding the car. This very original 71 S was found not by my friend George, but by his wife Susan. She stumbled across it and figured it would make a great birthday surprise for George (don’t we all want a wife like this!!!). So she rang the doorbell of the house and talked to the owner and his wife who initially said the car was not for sale and that she was not the first person to stop and ask. But Susan convinced them it was time to let the car go to someone who would bring it back to its former glory. It will sit nicely in George’s stable with his Pre-A cab and his Speedster.

George was wowed by the car and did some research on it. It was heavily optioned from the factory with cool accessories like the large gas tank and sport seats. The car had been sitting since 1994. The car came with the tool kit and a lot of the original paperwork.
The car was traded in in 1974 for a VW bus at Algar Porsche Audi, the owner wanted his “cosmic adventure”. The car was than bought at Algar Porsche Audi for $10,000 that same year. The third owner (74-78) was able to provide some great period pictures.
So far George has started pecking around the car, no rust in the floors! Knowing George and his collection this car will re-appear in a few years ready for a Concours d’Elegance, Hilton Head anyone? Maybe when it is done I can talk George into trading cars for the weekend (the shot of me and my Roadster, posing with George.)
This story makes me want to beat the bushes even more, or maybe I should get my wife to! They are still out there!!!!!


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