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Steve McQueen and Porsche

This is a story with a lot of history. Steve McQueen was not one of those movie actors that went out one weekend and bought a Porsche because they were cool, though he obviously did think the Marque was cool. He lived Porsche, racing both on screen in movies like his Solar Productions Le Mans, and off screen in legendary races like the 12 hours of Sebring, where he and Peter Revson came in 2nd, losing by only 23 seconds. Did I mention he did the race with a broken foot and a duct taped cast? This was not a weekend warrior racer, but a real racer.
Legendary racer Derek Bell once said in Vanity Fair,
“Let’s not overlook Steve McQueen’s ability as a driver. I believe he and Paul Newman could have been very respectable professional racers had they begun racing careers earlier. Steve had finished in second place at the classic Sebring 12 Hours earlier in 1970 (with a damaged foot), driving with Peter Revson, one of the great drivers of that era.”
Also off screen McQueen enjoyed driving Porsches just for fun. His two most well known personal cars are a 1970 911S, and his 58 Speedster. The S has changed hands and is now in a private collection but the 58 Speedster has been restored to the McQueen family where his son Chad is the custodian.
The Porsche Marque has other celebrities, most notably the late James Dean, who also enjoyed racing our little cars, there was also Paul Newman who raced and drove a Speedster in the movie Harper but the best known and most respected celebrity ever to haul ass in a Porsche is hands down the King of Cool himself, Steve McQueen.



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