Porsche News Bits Brought To You By Unobtanium Inc

Porsche Pinball

I saw one of these for sale on Craigslist. It was described as,
Porsche Themed Pinball, so I had to go see. It is actually pretty cool. One the main display is a 911 racing a 356 Speedster, not much of a race really, but still cool to see illuminated.

The pinball machine is called Checkpoint and was made in 1991 by Data East. It’s only claim to fame in the pinball world is it had the FIRST dot matrix display (DMD) ever used on a pinball machine. I guess the pinball geeks see the significance of this.
It is cool that is has a 356 and several 911’s. If you are looking for something else cool to put in the corner of the garage, grab yourself a Checkpoint!


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