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F A Porsche Speed boat, Very cool!!!

This is for the guy who has to show everyone, everywhere, all the time, that he with the most toys wins. This is a super limited edition boat that is very cool.

The description on EBAY reads,
“Ultimate Porsche Collector Find, FA Porsche Design, Porsche 550hp Marine Power, 28′ Carbon Fiber Kevlar Hull, 70mph Performance, Stored Since New, 0 Hours, Built 1992-Motor 2010, Porsche Mettallic Silver,Teak Decks and Kick Plates, Porsche Wood Steering Wheel, Silver w/Red Upholstery, Retractable Hydrallic Swim Platform w/washdown and ladder, Hydrallic Engine Hatch /Sunpad, Dual VDO Gadge Instrumentation, Dual Fully Adjustable Silver Hard Shell w/Red Upholstery GT Sport Seats, “PORSCHE” Designed By FA Porsche on transom, Small Berthable Cabin w/VacuFlush Toilet, Gray Cushions, safety gear, bumpers and docking lines,Dual Axel Aluminum Trailer, this is Hull #1 of 2 Porsche Boats and the only Porsche Marine Powered Porsche Boat, Extremely Rare Porsche Collectible,the Porsche Boat project cost well in excess of a million dollars, the Porsche Marine engine development cost was in in the millions for Porsche, the Porsche Boat is currently listed for $495K, the original MSRP was $550k plus $75K for the Porsche Marine Power option in 1992, own a rare piece of Porsche history, the Porsche Boat can be serviced at any Porsche dealer.”

Here is a link:

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