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Cool house and a $50 gearbox

Having a motto that,
“We will buy and 356 or parts anytime, anywhere!”
takes the Unobtanium crew to all kinds of places. We have been everywhere to a toxic paper mill in CT to tiny dirt roads in the Appalachian Mountains. When we get the call, we roll.
Yesterday I got the call about a guy who parted out a B Cab 35 years ago and he said he still had the gearbox and brakes in his mother’s basement, but they are selling the house so he needed the stuff gone.
I hoped in the car, threw the Chihuahuas in my lap and the truck was rolling to the Eastern Shore of CT.
The guy said the house had a shared drive, and to aim toward the stone wall. So, in a sea of expensive waterfront homes was a stone wall, which led to a very very cool house. It was built by the family in the 60s, and was very period. The whole back wall of the house was glass and the house was built from re-claimed wood, that came from the barn that was on the site before the house. In fact, the house was built on the original stone foundation of the barn.
What made this house so cool was it was not built after an architect read 10 issues of Dwell, this house was the real deal. The coolest thing I saw was there was a stone walkway floating in the air, that led to the baby grand piano. The good news is that the house is being sold to a couple that will restore it, not tear it down to build a McMansion. Did I mention it was on the water. It is hard to soak up the view in the middle of winter, but you get the idea.
The other cool thing about the trip was the gearbox and brakes was $50. Days like today make my job fun!


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