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10 Reasons to go to the Hershey Swap Meet April 24th

1. It has not rained the last two years.
2. See Big John doing feats of great wonder like lift 911 engines into the air or stuff a 356 in the back of a pickup, at the Unobtanium booth C 5-6.
3. It is still the world’s largest Porsche only swap meet.
4. At least 650 vendors, there is bound to be a part you need in all that stuff!
5. Great place to sell off that small pile of parts.
6. You can actually meet other Porsche people, face to face, not over a keyboard.
7. See some really cool cars, last year had had that cool Right hand drive RS of Nick’s.
8. Catch up with old Porsche friends, I always run into someone I have not seen in years.
9. The pizza vendor was not half bad last year, maybe they will come back this year.
10. Last but not least, you can get a FREE FREE FREE gift bag from Unobtanium full of cool stuff like Porsche shop towels (Thanks to Paul and Bruce from Stoddard!), a Porsche in every bag, 356 Registry stickers (Thanks to Diane at the 356 goodie store!), even some real Porsche literature, our famous bootleg messkos, a copy of the Registry Magazine or Panorama (thanks to Gordon and Mary and Registry brothers like Tom Roos!) and lots of cool car care products with Porsches on them.

Seriously, everyone bemoans EBAY, saying there is no brotherhood anymore. This is your chance to put your money where your mouth is, come out and support, buy and sell some parts, or just hang out. WE ARE THE PORSCHE COMMUNITY!!! Meaning we can make events like Hershey great.

I hope to see everyone there.


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