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Porsche Getting Serious About Hybrid Tech

Porsche seems to be getting serious about their hybrid development program. They’re calling it Intelligent Performance. The launch of a consumer ready hybrid GT car in addition to the 918 Spyder marks a move by Porsche to really dive into this area of technology. The most amazing developments are bred on the race track for later cloning into street cars. Since Porsche traditionally offers versions of their cars that amount to race cars with just enough “street” to get them past the government watch dogs, there’s no way for the public to avoid benefitting from the hybrid goodies being refined even as I write this. I find it exciting. I don’t think hybrids are the whole picture of the future, but I do think they’ll be an important stepping stone while automobiles move away from dino and into the next generation of propulsion. If you can pay the cost of admission, you can be a part of it. Check out Porsche’s dedicated hybrid development website, it’s full of all the passion and emotion you’ve come to expect from Porsche’s creative publicity folks. Click here! — Matt


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