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Porsche Tractor, still in use on a farm

I love seeing stuff like this. I am passing a fruit stand with my wife yesterday and out of the corner of my eye I see something. I turn the car around, she asks why, I tell her I just saw a Porsche. She says there isn’t anything back there but fruit and a tractor. But I think the tractor is a Porsche, I explain. Sure enough, my eye did not deceive me.

The owner, Mark, tells me he has owned about 5 of them over the years. He said there was a dealer in Cold Springs and another one on Long Island, in Hicksvile. The Porsches have never let him down. After talking to him for a minute I realize a friend of mine has one of his tractors, my friend Dick Hyland got a 1 cylinder tractor off of him several years back. The Hyland tractor can be seen in the back of the photo with the 3 red roadsters.
Mark didn’t really seem to apt to sell the tractor anytime soon, being his last one, plus he still uses it. It was very cool to see one still in use, kind of like seeing someone using a Factory tool kit.



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