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I’m getting too old for this, latest barn raid

My phone rang the other night, nothing new there, in the days of cell phones being our only phones mine rings a lot. The guy on the other end says he has 2 356’s and a whole bunch of parts. He names a price that sounds like it might work and he is only 13 hours away from me!

I get him to agree to hold the cars for me until the next day so within about an hour me and Big John are in the truck and rolling south. We were able to catch about 3 hours of rough sleep at a truck stop and arrived at the guy’s place the following evening. Sure enough, hidden amongst tobacco fields was a couple of 356s. Just a warning to anyone attempting to replicate this trip, don’t chew too much JOLT gum, don’t ask me how I know. Luckily, other Wright brother Matt was in DC visiting friends so we were able to rent a U-Haul trailer and scoop up both cars, a B Cab and a B Coupe, both nice southern cars.
Once we got both cars the long trip home was upon us. We got back ok but all of us agreed that we are getting too old for the all-night “putting the hammer down” trips. Of course, we say that until the next phone call comes and we will have this party all over again because we will pick up a 356 anytime, anywhere, it’s like a disease…



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  1. Tim says:

    Sure glad you guys handeled this one! That Jolt gum kicked my backside years ago!

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