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How to make a Porsche 356 Speedster

Step 1: Find an A coupe that is so sad, the only way to save it is to modify it.
Step 2: Grab a Sawsall!
Step 3: Peel the top like a sardine can.

The fun part is over, now I have to get to welding, fabricating, cussing, spiting, moments of asking myself what is wrong with me, and hopefully at the end a cool car. We shall see…



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3 Responses

  1. Adam Blumenthal says:

    Thanks Adam,

    My son enjoyed the doughnuts and i’m trying to talk my wife into using Porsche hand towels in our new house.

    -Adam (from Baltimore)

  2. Adam Blumenthal says:


    the above comment belongs under the Roundtop post. This is what i get for commenting while the coffee is still brewing.


  3. Rod Emory says:

    Thanks for sharing the link. It looks like you are having a blast!!!!

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