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Porsche 356 rust never sleeps!

Rust never sleeps, so neither should you. A good 356 Registry Brother taught me this rule. So once a year he goes around his car touching up paint. He hits the underside, and the peels up the mats and carpets to get there too. It is a lot of work and not the funnest way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but catching rust before it grows is a lot easier than replacing metal later. So this past Sunday I went to town with my paint brush and my can of Flat Black Rustoleum.
Sure enough, I starting peeling back rubber and looking behind the petal boards and what did I find, rust. Luckily, the underside held up better than under the carpets and mats, so all I had to do was some slight touch-up. I did this just last year so this rust is not sleeping, but than rust never sleeps. I recommend everyone do this once a year, it is one of those 356 projects that anyone can do.



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