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Open Houses: 2011 Porsche 356 LA Lit and Toy Show LAX

By far one of the best parts about the day before the Lit Meet is going to the open houses. With Roy Lock as my LA tour guide, myself, Eric Cherneff, Greg McManus, Bob DiCorpo, and Carl Bauer did the shop open houses and had a blast. The day started at the magical metal wonderland of Steve Hogue. We hit John Wilhoit’s fabulous place second and probably all saw something we would have sold our soul to the devil to own, from there we went to GT Werk and looked at some cool stuff and went next door to Jim Ansite’s spot, also cool.
That night we went and ate Mongolian food that was really good, and a lot of fun too. Eric chided me that even in Hong Kong (where he used to live) most people eat with forks when he saw me with chop sticks, they are too slow he said. He was surprised when I ate two plates before he finished his first!
All in all a GREAT time!

—Adam Wright


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