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Very Early 911 brings record money at RM Auction!

The prices of early 911s has gone way way up in recent years with the 1964 prototypes bringing really good money. The 901 designation covered the first 82 of the 232 cars produced in 64. While this car was not a 901, it did fall into the 1964 prototype category.
Chassis No. 300221 was auctioned on March 12th, 2011 for a record $225,000!!!

This seems extraordinarily high for an early car that can’t be called a 901. I remember a number of years ago GK Restorations had one of the first 10 901s and it sold for $25,000, needing a massive restoration, wonder what that car would bring restored?
300221 was expected to bring no more than $175,000 so the final sale price of $225,000 shocked even the auction house. The description says that over $125,000 was spent on the restoration and the matching numbers engine was restored using mostly NOS parts. Some noted experts who were present at Amelia Island did point out some incorrect parts of the car, but I don’t think anyone could not call the finished product stunning. I am sure FA “Butzi” Porsche would be proud to see his creation in such nice shape.



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