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The 356 Club of Southern California Swap Meet Phoenix Club 2011

The day after the lit meet we all wake up and do it all over again, except this time there are cars! Lots of lots of crazy Porsche cars. By far the 911s were the coolest. I counted an RS amongst the wide array of cars, it was a dizzying display to say the least.

Before I could check out the cars though there was a swap meet, and swap meet means buying. I found some good deals and there were some cool project cars, like the C Coupe with 32,000 miles. I ran into old friends and made some new ones. I hung out with Tom Drummond from Wholesale California, he brought some cool stuff and was a guy who could haggle. Chris Morley had a cab but the price was a little steep. Harvey and Katy Rosenthal were there with Harvey’s tool kits. My man Dirk was making that money. Inside the vendor area was a little more subdued. The folks from Autos International had all of their great wares on display and I was able to sell a steel/alloy wheel to a guy who wanted it for a glass case display. The Stoddard/NLA crew were busy showing all of the great products they have.
It was a crazy day with a lot going on. The Phoenix Club was the perfect venue, plenty of space for showing the cars and still more space for buying and selling parts. Did I mention the great breakfast they were serving? All in all a great day. I cut out kind of early, I had to be in Nor Cal the next morning to do more deals. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as a swap meet, and to be able to see so many cool cars was just icing on the cake. A great day to be involved in world of Porsche!
—Adam Wright


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