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German Technology Laughing At Me!

So I let my Mercedes sit all winter so it didn’t have to get salted by the NY roads. As a result the battery was double dead when I tried to crank it a few weeks ago. No problem, I thought, I will just jump it or charge the battery, which is in the trunk. But the trunk is an electronic lock…
So the car has no power and I can’t get to the battery in the trunk. What to do?
After doing some quick research and finding out that I am not the first person this has happened to I discovered that there is a positive terminal under the hood, so apparently you run the jumper cables to the terminal, this lights up the car, and you can open the trunk. Insane! This reminds me of the Porsche 356 hood situation, the Germans love to think themselves into a corner.
But now I have a new battery in the Benz, it was only $150! Took it for a drive and fell in love all over again taking a turn at 80 MPH.



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